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Complete solution for Machinig.

Euro Aktion was founded in March 2005, focused on the Sales and Machining Service for the most diverse sectors of the industrial area.

We work heavily with "Tropicalization" of imported parts and are specialized in machining parts.


Provide growth Euro Aktion market, solid and steady manner and hence promote the socio-economic growth of its members, employees and partners by obtaining profits, participating in this way, the social and economic growth of our community.
Quality Policy


Supply products in accordance with the customer’s requirements and interested parts;

Promote social inclusion through the creation of jobs;

Promote social and economic growth of members and its employees by profits obtained;

Continuous quality improvement through awareness, training and participation of all employees..

Contact us: + 55 11 4390-0674
Rua Professor Edmundo Vasconcelos, 31
Vila Jupter
09890-420 - S. B. do Campo - SP
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